Representative Cases

-The firm successfully represented an employee in the Appellate Division when the municipality who fired him appealed the underlying administrative decision.

-The firm was hired by plaintiff’s counsel to seek a reversal of summary judgment entered for the defendant homeowner based on the sidewalk exemption.  The firm successfully argued the appeal in the appellate division and obtained a reversal of the grant of summary judgment.

-The firm has successfully assisted plaintiff’s counsel with an appeal of a judgment in a divorce proceeding involving issues of equitable distribution, alimony and attorney’s fees.

-The firm successfully opposed a motion for leave to appeal from a ruling barring surveillance video obtained after the discovery end date and refusing to force plaintiff to submit to a second deposition based on the surveillance.

-The firm successfully upheld on appeal a dismissal of claims against an attorney arguing that the underlying agreement was void as against public policy.

-The firm was hired by plaintiff’s counsel to seek leave to appeal an adverse ruling in a personal injury case that would have left the plaintiff with a claim against the negligent employee only and not against the negligent employer.  We were successful in obtaining appellate review of the interlocutory order and then we were successful in obtaining a reversal of the grant of summary judgment to defendant employer.

-The firm has successfully represented landlords in upholding evictions at the appellate level.

-The members of the firm successfully opposed a motion for leave to appeal from an order denying summary judgment and allowing time to retain a new expert in a retained-sponge medical negligence case.

-The members of the firm successfully represented a government contractor before the Georgia Supreme Court in fighting a government agency’s use of the state secret exemption to thwart the contractor’s ability to obtain documents that were detrimental to the government agency.

-The members of the firm successfully argued before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court the issue of an agency’s obligation to honor an assignment of funds held by the agency.

-The members of the firm created new law in New Jersey when they argued the issue of the assignability of structured settlements before the New Jersey Supreme Court.  The decision led to the enactment of legislation dealing with the assignment of structured settlements.

-The firm also has handled or consulted on, or is currently handling, many other cases addressing a variety of issues, including insurance coverage and construction, collateral estoppel, res judicata and entire controversy, license suspension, Title 59 notice and palpably unreasonable issues, foreclosure, medical negligence, divorce, business valuation and relocation, Law against Discrimination, retaliation and related employment issues, and numerous post-trial appeals addressing evidentiary and jury charge issues.

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